Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Event: Book Launch - A Crowd of Twisted Things by Dawn Farnham

Monsoon Books and Select Books are pleased to invite you to the book launch of Dawn Farnham's A Crowd of Twisted Things at 3:00pm, on Saturday, 23 November, 2013.

About A Crowd of Twisted Things
Against the backdrop of this simmering violence, Dawn Farnham tells the story of Annie Collins, a young Eurasian woman, who returns to Singapore seeking her own lost child; a child give away by her Australian husband who, as the Japanese tanks rolled into Singapore in 1942, also attempted to murder her. Repatriated to Australia from a civilian POW camp, her husband dead in the mud of Burma, Annie has spent years fruitlessly writing letters to refugee organisations and government authorities, seeking Suzy, the only thing she has ever loved. 

With the discovery of Maria Hertogh comes hope. She enlists the help of an Australian newsman to uncover the truth about her own child. As the time bomb ticks and the threads of her search lead Annie into increasingly dangerous territory, strange recollections intrude, ones that have nothing to do with her own memories of her wartime experiences; disturbing visions which force her to doubt not just her past life but her whole idea of who she truly is and even to question the search itself. Twisted lives, twisted memories, the twists of fate and their tangled consequences.

In this novel Farnham pursues several themes:

• The Maria Hertogh story and its aftermath from the actual reporting of the time;
• The tales of loss and suffering of the civilian population of Singapore during the Occupation;
• The assumptions we make about our children - do they ever really belong to us? when do we have to let them go?;
• The nature of suppressed memory and self-delusion.

Saturday, 23 November 1013

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