Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Book: Beyond the Tea Dance: The Story of Singapore Sixties Music - Volume 2

Select Books is pleased to announced the publication of the second volume of Joseph Pereira's comprehensive account of the Singapore pop music scene in the sixties - Beyond the Tea Dance: The Story of Singapore Sixties Music - Volume 2.
The second half of the sixties saw seismic shifts in the global music scene. In Singapore, newer breed of bands was coming to the fore, many with outlandish names. Tea dances became increasingly popular. Discotheques started sprouting up to cater to a new hip crowd. Pop Yeh Yeh, which had always been active alongside the mainstream pop music scene, came into its own with many releases. Singapore bands were very active playing the British services circuit and in Vietnam.

But, as the decade drew to a close, several pivotal events signalled the end of this glorious era for Singapore pop music. 

Beyond the Tea Dance examines in rich detail all the major bands and singers in this turbulent period.

Join the conversations at the book's official facebook page.  There are great photos and accounts of the sixties music scene by Joseph and other fans and musicians.