Friday, October 10, 2014

From Syonan to Fuji-Go: The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya

We are pleased to announce the publication of From Syonan to Fuji-Go: The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya by Fiona Hodgkins.

During the Japanese Occupation in World War II, some 3,000 men, women and children left Singapore to form a Catholic settlement in the jungles of Malaya, near the town of Bahau.

Based on extensive interviews and access to private manuscripts, this book provides a vivid account of life in Bahau, and presents new insights into those who were there, why they went, and the lasting legacy of Bahau on their lives. It is also a moving account of the author’s journey of discovery about her mother, who was interned at Bahau.

Fitting memory to those who died, honourable recognition of those who survived, and an important resource for future generations, this is essential reading for those who seek an understanding of an important part of Singapore’s history.
"This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of this period in Singapore’s history."
– Paul Madden, British High Commissioner to Singapore, 2007-11
"Fiona Hodgkins’s excellent encyclopaedic chronicle of Fuji-go is one of great value and significance – historical, informative ... beautifully written, enjoyable and absorbing."

About the Author
Fiona Hodgkins, a History graduate whose professional life has revolved around history and education, currently lives in Singapore with her family. Harnessing her passion for social history and living in Singapore gave her the unparalleled ability to research the story first hand which she has done in a thorough, professional and yet sympathetic way. 

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