Thursday, October 9, 2014

Potret Puisi Melayu Singapura

We are pleased to announce the publication of Potret Puisi Melayu Singapura, from the Singapore Malays: Our Heritage and Legacy series, co-published with The Malay Heritage Foundation.

About the Singapore Malays: Our Heritage and Legacy series

Existing books, references and research papers focusing on the Malay community in Singapore are often written from an outsider’s point of view looking in. Publications by Singaporean Malays about the socio-historical development of the Malay community in Singapore are still few and far between. 

The Singapore Malays: Our Heritage and Legacy series aspires to bridge that gap by publishing a series of books that will encourage introspection and reflection on our social history and culture in a more in-depth manner.

The titles in this series are purposely varied to include topics on culture and the arts, social history and cultural development, trends in religious practices and socio-economic life, and the spirit of enterprise of the Malay community in Singapore. This is to allow different perspectives and unique insights into the everyday lived-experiences and collective memories of our community to be brought forth. Each writer will analyse the various challenges faced by the Malay community in Singapore, from the nineteenth century to contemporary times, using his or her own lens and world view, supported by intensive research. 

We hope that the series will inspire further reflections, and deepen our understanding and appreciation of our heritage and our contribution to Singapore’s development as a nation.

About Potret Puisi Melayu Singapura

Written in Malay, Potret Puisi Melayu Singapura  by the multi-award poet, novelist and  Cultural Medallion (2007) for Literature, features the works of  44 Singapore Malay poets, from post-independence era to present time. They include established poets from the pioneer generation such as the late Masuri S N and fellow Cultural Medallion winners such as  Muhammad Ariff Ahmad, Suratman Markasan and Mohd Latiff Mohd. His analysis also featured works from up and coming, emerging writers such as Jufri Supa’at, Noor Hasnah Adam (Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award, Distinction, 2007) and Chairul Fahmy Hussaini, just to name a few.

This book will provide researchers and those interested in Malay literature with a glimpse into how the historical context, community and the individuality of the poet have given poetry written by our Singaporean writers its own distinctive identity.

About Isa Kamari

Isa Kamari has written eight novels in Malay, many of which have been translated into English. He has published collections of poems, short stories and plays. He also writes drama serials and documentaries for television. His awards includes S.E.A. Write Award, Singapore's Cultural Medallion and the Anugerah Tun Seri Lanang.

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